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1. (a.) Elevated; proud.

2. (a.) Turgid; extravagant; bombastic; inflated; as, high-flown language.

Pickwickian a bit thick a bit thin abnormal amusing anomalous asinine balmy barred beyond belief bizarre childish closed-out cockamamie comic contrary to reason crazy curious daft disproportionate doubtable doubtful droll dubious dubitable eccentric empty excluded extravagant fantastic farcical fatuitous fatuous foolish freaked out freaky funny futile grotesque hard of belief hard to believe harebrained high-flown hilarious hollow hopeless humorous idiotic idle illogical imbecile imbecilic implausible impossible inane incoherent incommensurable incommensurate incompatible inconceivable incongruous inconsequent inconsistent inconsonant incredible insane irrational irreconcilable kooky laughable logically impossible loony ludicrous mad meaningless monstrous moronic nonsensical not deserving belief not possible nuts nutty odd oddball off off the wall open to doubt open to suspicion out out of proportion outlandish outrageous outre oxymoronic paradoxical passing belief passing strange peculiar poppycockish potty preposterous priceless problematic prohibited quaint queer questionable quizzical rich ridiculous risible rubbishy ruled-out screaming self-contradictory senseless silly simple singular skimble-skamble staggering belief strange stupid suspect suspicious tall thick thin trashy twaddling twaddly unbelievable unconvincing unearthly ungodly unimaginable unreasonable unsound unthinkable unworthy of belief vain wacky weird whimsical wild witty wondrous strange


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