1. (n.) The condition of being high; elevated position.

2. (n.) The distance to which anything rises above its foot, above that on which in stands, above the earth, or above the level of the sea; altitude; the measure upward from a surface, as the floor or the ground, of animal, especially of a man; stature.

3. (n.) Degree of latitude either north or south.

4. (n.) That which is elevated; an eminence; a hill or mountain; as, Alpine heights.

5. (n.) Elevation in excellence of any kind, as in power, learning, arts; also, an advanced degree of social rank; preeminence or distinction in society; prominence.

6. (n.) Progress toward eminence; grade; degree.

7. (n.) Utmost degree in extent; extreme limit of energy or condition; as, the height of a fever, of passion, of madness, of folly; the height of a tempest.

French pitch Olympian heights acme acme of perfection aerial heights altitude amount amplitude apex apogee apotheosis area ascent assumption authority authorization be-all and end-all beatification bigness blue ribbon bluff body breadth brow bulk caliber canonization cap championship classical pitch cliff climax cloud nine command compass consummation control coverage crag crest crown culmen culmination cut degree deification depth diameter dimension dimensions directorship dizzy heights dominion edge effectiveness elevation eminence enshrinement erection escalation escarpment ether exaltation expanse expansion extension extent extreme extreme limit extremity fell first place first prize gauge girth grade greatness headland headship heaven heavens hegemony heights high noon high pitch high point highest highest pitch highest point highness hill imperium influence interval jurisdiction key kingship largeness last word leadership leap length level lift lifting limit loftiness lordship low pitch magnitude management mark mass mastership mastery maximum measure measurement meridian most mound mountain mountaintop ne plus ultra new high new philharmonic pitch no place higher noon notch note nuance palms paramountcy pas peak peg perfection period philharmonic pitch philosophical pitch pink pink of perfection pinnacle pitch plane plateau point pole power presidency primacy prominence promontory proportion proportions radius raise raising range ratio reach rearing record register remove ridge rise rising ground round rule rung say scale scarp scope seventh heaven shade shadow size sky sovereignty space spire spread stair standard standard pitch stature steep step stint stratosphere summit supremacy sursum corda sway tallness tip tip-top tonality tone top top spot tor tread tune ultimate upbuoying upcast upheaval uplift uplifting upmost upper extremity uppermost upping uprearing uprise upthrow upthrust utmost vantage ground vantage point vertex very top volume width zenith


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