1. (v. t.) To mind; to regard with care; to take notice of; to attend to; to observe.

2. (v. i.) To mind; to consider.

3. (n.) Attention; notice; observation; regard; -- often with give or take.

4. (n.) Careful consideration; obedient regard.

5. (n.) A look or expression of heading.

TLC abide by accept accordance acquittal acquittance act up to adhere to adherence advertence advertency alertness animadvert anticipation application assiduity assiduousness attend attend to attend to orders attention attention span attentiveness audience auscultate awareness be all ears be concerned be faithful to bear in mind bend an ear bug calculation canniness care careful consideration carefulness carrying out caution cautiousness circumspection circumspectness cock the ears cognizance compliance comply comply with concentration concern conform conform to conformance conformity consciousness consider consideration debate defer to deliberate stages deliberateness deliberation diligence discharge discretion do justice to ear earnestness eavesdrop examine by ear execution fill follow follow the book forethought fulfill fulfillment gingerliness give attention give audience to give ear give heed to guardedness hark harken to hear hear out hearing hearken hedge hedging heedfulness heeding hesitation hold by intentiveness intentness intercept interest judiciousness keep keep faith with keeping lend an ear listen listen at listen in listen to live up to look loving care make good mark meet mind mindfulness note notice obey obey the rules observance observation observe pawkiness pay attention pay attention to performance practice preparedness prior consultation prudence prudentialness reck regard regardfulness remark respect safeness safety first satisfaction satisfy see sit in on slowness to act solicitude stay in line study submit take take an interest take note take note of take notice take orders tap tend tender loving care tentativeness think thoroughness thought thoughtfulness toe the line uncommunicativeness unprecipitateness view watch wiretap


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