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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Hear.

2. (n.) The act or power of perceiving sound; perception of sound; the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived; as, my hearing is good.

3. (n.) Attention to what is delivered; opportunity to be heard; audience; as, I could not obtain a hearing.

4. (n.) A listening to facts and evidence, for the sake of adjudication; a session of a court for considering proofs and determining issues.

5. (n.) Extent within which sound may be heard; sound; earshot.

Gedankenexperiment acoustic amassing evidence assize attention audible audience audile audio audition auditory auditory range aural auricular bench test blue book bugging carrying distance change of venue chromesthesia close inquiry color hearing conference court-martial cross-examination department of investigation detection detective work discussion dry run ear earreach earshot eavesdropping electronic surveillance exam examen examination exhaustive study favorable attention final final examination five senses flight test great go honors indagation inquest inquiry inquisition interview investigation investigative bureau jury trial legislative investigation legwork listening listening in meeting midsemester midterm mistrial negotiation oral oral examination otic otological otopathic otoscopic parley perscrutation phonic phonism photism pilot plan practical test practice prelim probe quiz range reach receptor rehearsal research road test sense organ senses sensillum sensorium sensory organ shakedown shakedown cruise sifting sight sixth sense sleuthing smell sound synesthesia take-home examination taste test test flight test run touch trial trial by jury trial run tripos tryout viva wiretapping witch-hunt workout written written examination


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