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abate ablate ablation abrade abridge absorb absorption abstract abuse achromatize acquire air-dry anhydrate assimilate assimilation attrition bake bankrupt bate bereave blackmail blanch bleach bleed bleed white blot blow blow out bog broach brush bugger burn burn up burning up call call for catch up cesspool channel claim clap hands on clasp claw clean out clear clear away clear off clear out clear the decks clench clinch cloaca cloaca maxima clutch conduit consume consumption contribution cripple culvert cure curtail cut off de-energize debilitate decant decolor decolorize decrease decrement deduct defecate defluxion dehumidify dehydrate demand demand for denude deplete depletion deplume depreciate depreciation depress deprive deprive of derogate desiccate despoil detract digest digestion dim diminish disable disbursement discharge discolor disenable disentitle disparage displume dissipate dissipation ditch divest down the drain draft draft off drag drain of color drain of resources drain off drain out drainage draw draw down draw from draw off drench dribble away drink up drip dry dull dump duty ease one of eat eat away eat up eating up ebb effluence efflux effluxion effusion eliminate embrace empty empty out enfeeble ennui erode erosion etiolate evacuate evaporate evaporation exaction exhalation exhaust exhaustion expend expending expenditure exploit exsiccate extortion extortionate demand extract fade fatigue file away find vent finish finish off finishing fire flay fleece flow flow out flowoff fume garbage dump get get hold of glom on to gobble gobble up gone grab grab hold of grapple grasp grip gripe gush gush out gutter hamstring headchute heavy demand hors de combat hug ill-use impair impose upon imposition impost impoverish impoverishment inactivate incapacitate indent ingest ingestion insistent demand insolate jade jet kennel kibosh kiln lame lay hands on lay hold of leach leakage leave lessen let let blood let out levy lighten one of loot lost maim make use of manipulate marsh milk mine mire misuse mummify nail nip nip up nonnegotiable demand notice ooze oppress order outfall outflow outflowing outgo outlet outpour outpouring


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