1. (a.) Rough; disagreeable; grating

2. (a.) disagreeable to the touch.

3. (a.) disagreeable to the taste.

4. (a.) disagreeable to the ear.

5. (a.) Unpleasant and repulsive to the sensibilities; austere; crabbed; morose; abusive; abusive; severe; rough.

6. (a.) Having violent contrasts of color, or of light and shade; lacking in harmony.

Doric Draconian Spartan Spartanic abrupt absonant abusive acerb acerbic acid acidulous acrid acrimonious acute afflictive aggressive agonizing ajar amaroidal asperous astringent atonal atrocious austere authoritarian barbaric barbarous bearish beastly bilious biting bitter bitter as gall blaring bleak bluff blunt blurred bowelless brash brassy brazen breathy bristly brusque brutal brutish burdensome burning cacophonous caustic cavalier choked choking choleric churlish clashing clumsy coarse colliding comfortless conflicting confused corrugated cracked cragged craggy cramping crinkled croaking croaky cross crude cruel crumpled crusty curt cutting demanding diaphonic disagreeable discomforting disconsonant discordant discourteous disharmonic disharmonious dissonant distressing dog-eat-dog doggerel double-edged dour drawling drawly dry dysphemistic dysphonic ear-piercing edged escharotic exacting excruciating exhausting exigent fierce flat flinty gnawing graceless granular grating grave gravelly grim grinding griping gross grouchy gruff guttural hairy hard harrowing harsh-sounding hawking heartless heavy hoarse hurtful hurting husky immelodious impolite improper impure in bad taste inarticulate incisive inclement inconcinnate inconcinnous incongruous incorrect indecorous indistinct inelegant inexorable infelicitous inharmonic inharmonious inhuman intemperate irascible ironbound irritating jagged jaggy jangling jangly jarring jostling keen lisping loose low merciless metallic meticulous mispronounced mordacious mordant musicless muzzy nasal nasty nonmelodious nose-tickling off off-color off-key off-tone onerous oppressive out of pitch out of tone out of tune outlandish overburdensome painful paroxysmal peevish penetrating petulant piercing piquant pitiless poignant pungent punishing punitive quavering racking ragged rasping raucid raucous relentless remorseless rigorous rockbound rocky rough roupy rude rugged rugose rugous rusty ruthless sarcastic saw-toothed sawtooth scabrous scathing scragged scraggly scraggy scraping scratchy serrate serrated severe shaggy shaking shaky sharp shooting short short-tempered shrill snagged snaggled snaggy snippy snuffling sour spasmatic spasmic spasmodic splenetic squawking squawky squeaky


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