1. (n.) Injury; hurt; damage; detriment; misfortune.

2. (n.) That which causes injury, damage, or loss.

3. (n.) To hurt; to injure; to damage; to wrong.

abomination abuse afflict affliction aggravate aggrieve atrocity bad badness bane banefulness bankruptcy befoul befoulment bewitch blemish blight bother breakage breakdown bugbear burden calamity collapse condemn corrupt corruption crack-up crippling crucify crushing burden crying evil curse damage death defile defilement deleteriousness deprave despoil despoliation destroy destruction deteriorate detriment dilapidate dilapidation disablement disaccommodate disadvantage discommode disease disoblige disrepair disserve distress do a mischief do evil do ill do violence to do wrong do wrong by doom drawback embitter encroachment endamage envenom evil exacerbate get into trouble grievance handicap harass havoc hex hobbling hurt hurting ill impair impairment impose upon incapacitation incommode inconvenience infect infection infliction infringement iniquity injure injury inroad irritate jinx liability loss loss of ground maiming make worse maltreat mar mayhem menace mischance mischief misfortune mistreat misuse molest mutilation nemesis noxiousness open wound outrage perniciousness persecute pest pestilence plague play havoc with play hob with poison pollute pollution prejudice put back put out put to inconvenience put to trouble ruination ruinousness rum running sore sabotage savage scathe scourge sickening spoil spoiling step backward taint tarnish the worst thorn threaten torment torture toxin trouble venom vexation violate visitation vitiate weaken weakening wickedness woe worsen wound wreak havoc on wrong wrongdoing


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