1. (n.) An instrument for driving nails, beating metals, and the like, consisting of a head, usually of steel or iron, fixed crosswise to a handle.

2. (n.) Something which in firm or action resembles the common hammer

3. (n.) That part of a clock which strikes upon the bell to indicate the hour.

4. (n.) The padded mallet of a piano, which strikes the wires, to produce the tones.

5. (n.) The malleus.

6. (n.) That part of a gunlock which strikes the percussion cap, or firing pin; the cock; formerly, however, a piece of steel covering the pan of a flintlock musket and struck by the flint of the cock to ignite the priming.

7. (n.) Also, a person of thing that smites or shatters; as, St. Augustine was the hammer of heresies.

8. (v. t.) To beat with a hammer; to beat with heavy blows; as, to hammer iron.

9. (v. t.) To form or forge with a hammer; to shape by beating.

10. (v. t.) To form in the mind; to shape by hard intellectual labor; -- usually with out.

11. (v. i.) To be busy forming anything; to labor hard as if shaping something with a hammer.

12. (v. i.) To strike repeated blows, literally or figuratively.

Eustachian tube air hammer anvil assault attack auditory apparatus auditory canal auditory meatus auditory nerve auditory ossicles auditory tube auricle ball peen hammer bang barbarize basilar membrane baste batter beat beetle belabor bony labyrinth brutalize buffet burn butcher carry on cauliflower ear chipping hammer claw hammer cochlea conch concha destroy dig din ding drive drop hammer drub drudge drum drumhead ear ear lobe eardrum elaborate electric hammer endolymph external ear fag fashion flail flap form go on grave grind grub hammer away incus inner ear jackhammer knock lambaste larrup lay waste lobe lobule loot lug mallet malleus mastoid process maul middle ear moil mug organ of Corti outer ear oval window paste patter peg peg away pelt perilymph pile hammer pillage pinna plod plug plug along plug away pommel pound pound away pulverize pummel rage raising hammer ramp rampage rant rap rape rave riot riveting hammer roar round window rubber mallet ruin sack savage secondary eardrum semicircular canals shape shell slaughter sledge sledgehammer slog sow chaos spank stamp stapes steam hammer stirrup stone hammer storm stutter tack hammer tear tear around terrorize thrash thresh thump toil travail triphammer tympanic cavity tympanic membrane tympanum vandalize vestibule violate wade through wallop whip work away wreck


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