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(n.) A mixture of two malt liquors, esp. porter and ale, in about equal parts.

accordant akin all one all the same analogous aped as is at par au pair automatic balanced coequally coextensively coincidentally commensurate comparable congruently consimilar consistent consonant constant consubstantial continuous copied correspondent correspondently corresponding correspondingly coterminously counterfeit ditto drawn duplicate equable equal equalized equally ersatz even even stephen exactly alike fake favoring fifty-fifty flat following half-and-half homogeneous homoousian ibid ibidem identic identical identically imitated imitation immutable in like manner indiscernible indistinct indistinctive indistinguishable interchangeable invariable just alike just the same knotted level like likewise measured mechanical methodic mimicked mock monolithic nearly reproduced nip and tuck not unlike of a piece on a footing on a level on a par on even ground one ordered orderly par parallel persistent phony proportionate quits regular resembling robotlike same same here selfsame similar similarly simulated smacking of smooth something like square stable stalemated standard steadfast steady stereotyped suggestive of synonymously synthetic systematic the same way tied twin unbroken unchangeable unchanged unchanging undeviating undifferent undifferentiated undiscriminated undistinguishable undistinguished undiversified uniform uniform with uniformly unruffled unvaried unvarying without difference without distinction


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