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adding aforethought amount answer appraisal appraisement approach approximation arithmetic arrangement assessment assize assizement attack blueprint blueprinting calculatedness calculus canniness care careful consideration carefulness casting caution cautiousness charting ciphering circumspection computation conception contrivance correction count counting deliberate stages deliberateness deliberation design determination determining device discretion disposition enterprise envisagement estimate estimation evaluation expectation express intention expressness figure figuring footing forecast foresight forethought game gauging gingerliness graphing ground plan guardedness guidelines hedge hedging heed heedfulness hesitation idea instrumentation intention intentionality judiciousness layout lineup long-range plan mapping master plan measure measurement measuring mensuration method methodology metric system mindfulness operations research organization pawkiness plan planning planning function prearrangement preconsideration predeliberation predetermination prediction premeditation preresolution prior consultation procedure product program program of action prudence prudentialness quantification quantization rating rationalization reckoning regardfulness result safeness safety first schedule schema schematism schematization scheme scheme of arrangement setup slowness to act solicitude strategic plan strategy survey surveying system systematization tactical plan tactics telemetering telemetry tentativeness the big picture the picture thoroughness totaling toting triangulation uncommunicativeness unprecipitateness valuation wariness way working plan


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