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ARRL acting actor-proof all-star amateur radio operator ankle bacon ballet balletic bayonet legs be theatrical bowlegs buffoonery business butt calf characterization chitterlings cinematic cinematographic cnemis cochon de lait control engineer country town cracklings crossroads declaim dramatic dramatical dramaturgic drumstick emote emotionalize fat back film filmic flitch foreleg gag gamb gambrel gammon gigot grimace grimacer gush ham actor ham it up ham steak hamlet hammy hammy acting haslet headcheese hind leg histrionic hock hoke hokum impersonation jamb jambon jambonneau knee lard leg legitimate limb make a scene melodramatic milked mimesis mimicking mimicry miming mixer monitor monodramatic movie mug mummery operatic out-herod Herod overact overacted overacting overdramatize overplayed pantomiming patter performance performing personation picnic ham pieds de cochon pig playacting playing podite popliteal space pork porkpie portrayal projection radio electrician radio engineer radio operator radio technician radioman radiotelegrapher radiotrician rant representation roar salt pork scenic scissor-legs sentimentalize shank shin side of bacon slapstick slobber over slop over small ham sowbelly spectacular spout stage business stage directions stage presence stagelike stageworthy stagy starstruck stellar stems stumps stunt suckling pig taking a role tarsus theaterlike theatrical theatricalize thespian thorp throw away thrown away trotters underact underacted underplayed vaudevillian village wick


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