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1. (n.) The state, condition, or quality of being great; as, greatness of size, greatness of mind, power, etc.

2. (n.) Pride; haughtiness.

accomplishment ampleness amplitude area ascendancy authority bigheartedness bigness body breadth broadness brooding bulk caliber capaciousness chivalrousness chivalry comprehensiveness consequence conspicuousness copiousness coverage covering deanship depth diameter dignity dimension dimensions distinction elevation eminence errantry esteem exaltation excellence expanse expansion expansiveness extension extensiveness extent fame favor gauge generosity generousness gestation girth glory grandeur grandiosity grandness gravidity gravidness great heart greatheartedness greatness of heart heaviness height heroism high mightiness high-mindedness honor idealism importance incomparability incubation influence influentialness inimitability knight-errantry knightliness largeheartedness largeness lead length liberality liberalness loftiness magnanimity magnanimousness magnitude majority mark mass measure measurement memorability moment nobility noble-mindedness nobleness notability note noteworthiness one-upmanship openhandedness outstandingness precedence predominance predomination preeminence pregnancy preponderance prepotence prepotency prerogative pressure prestige princeliness priority privilege profundity prominence proportion proportions radius range rank reach remarkableness renown reputation repute right-of-way salience scale scope seniority significance sitting size skill spaciousness spread stature sublimity success supereminence superiority tallness the family way transcendence transcendency virtuosity volume weight weightiness wideness width


Greatly Daring
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