1. (superl.) of relatively great; greatest; chief; principal; as grand mountain; a grand army; a grand mistake.

2. (superl.) Great in size, and fine or imposing in appearance or impression; illustrious, dignified, or noble (said of persons); majestic, splendid, magnificent, or sublime (said of things); as, a grand monarch; a grand lord; a grand general; a grand view; a grand conception.

3. (superl.) Having higher rank or more dignity, size, or importance than other persons or things of the same name; as, a grand lodge; a grand vizier; a grand piano, etc.

4. (superl.) Standing in the second or some more remote degree of parentage or descent; -- generally used in composition; as, grandfather, grandson, grandchild, etc.

Babylonian C C-note Corinthian G G-note Klavier M Steinway admirable advantageous aggrandized all-inclusive apotheosized aristocratic august auspicious awe-inspiring awesome awful baby grand barbaric baronial beatified beneficial benevolent big big-league big-name big-time bigwig bigwigged bon bonny braw buck bueno bumper canonized capital cartwheel celebrated cembalo cent century chief chiliad chiliagon chiliahedron chiliarch chiliarchia clarichord clavicembalo clavichord clavicittern clavicymbal clavicytherium clavier cogent commendable complete comprehensive concert grand consequential considerable copper cottage piano couched harp courtly deep deified deluxe dignified dime distinguished dollar dollar bill double-barreled dulcimer harpsichord earthshaking elaborate elegant elevated eminent ennobled enormous enshrined enthroned estimable exalted excellent exhaustive expedient extravagant fabulous fair famous fancy fantastic favorable fifty cents fin fine first-class first-rate fish five cents five hundred dollars five-dollar bill five-hundred-dollar bill five-spot fiver flamboyant flashy foremost four bits frogskin full garish gaudy glorified glorious good goodly gorgeous grand piano grandiose grave great half G half a C half dollar half grand hammer dulcimer harmonichord harpsichord head healthy heavy heavyweight held in awe helpful high high and mighty high-powered highest histrionic huge hundred-dollar bill illustrious immense immortal immortalized important imposing impressive inspiring intense iron man irresistible kilo kilocycle kilogram kilohertz kiloliter kilometer kind kingly lakh large large-scale laudable lavish leading legendary lofty lordly luxurious magisterial magnificent magnified main majestic major man-sized manichord manichordon marvy material maximum melodion melopiano mighty mill millennium millepede milligram milliliter momentous monochord monumental moving myriad name nice nickel noble notable numerous one hundred thousand opulent ornate ostentatious outstanding overdone pair of virginals palatial parlor grand penny pianette pianino piano piano-violin pianoforte pleasant plenary plush posh powerful pretentious princely principal prodigious profitable proud quarter queenly red cent regal renowned respected revered ritzy royal sainted sanctified sawbuck sedate self-important serious showy shrined significant silver dollar


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