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(n.) The office of a governor.

Kreis abbacy aedileship archdeaconry archdiocese archiepiscopacy archiepiscopate aristocracy arrondissement bailiwick bishopdom bishopric borough canonicate canonry canton cardinalship chairmanship chancellery chancellorate chancellorship chaplaincy chaplainship chiefery chiefry chieftaincy chieftainry chieftainship city commune conference congressional district constablewick consulate consulship county curacy deaconry deaconship deanery deanship departement dictatorship dictature diocese directorship district duchy electoral district electorate emirate episcopacy episcopate government governorship hamlet headship hegemony hierarchy hundred leadership lordship magistracy magistrateship magistrature masterdom mastership mastery mayoralty mayorship metropolis metropolitan area metropolitanate metropolitanship nobility oblast okrug papacy parish pashadom pashalic pastorate pastorship patriarchate patriarchy pontificality pontificate popedom popehood popeship prebend prebendaryship precinct prefectship prefecture prelacy prelateship prelature premiership presbyterate presbytery presidency presidentship primacy prime-ministership prime-ministry princedom princeship principality proconsulate proconsulship protectorate protectorship province provostry provostship rectorate rectorship regency regentship region riding ruling class see seigniory seneschalship seneschalsy sheikhdom sheriffalty sheriffcy sheriffdom sheriffwick shire shrievalty soke stake state supervisorship suzerainship suzerainty synod territory town township tribunate vicariate vicarship village vizierate viziership wapentake ward


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