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(n.) The quality of being good in any of its various senses; excellence; virtue; kindness; benevolence; as, the goodness of timber, of a soil, of food; goodness of character, of disposition, of conduct, etc.

Christianity Christlikeness Christliness affability affectionateness agreeability agreeableness amenity amiability amicability angelicalness appropriateness assured probity beauty of holiness beneficialness benignancy benignity blamelessness bliss blissfulness brotherhood character cleanness compassion compatibility complaisance congeniality cordiality correctitude correctness decencies decency decorousness decorum delectability deliciousness enjoyableness erectness estimableness fairness fear of God feeling of kinship felicitousness fellow feeling fine flavor fitness fittingness flavorfulness flavoriness flavorousness flavorsomeness fraternal feeling full flavor geniality godlikeness godliness godly-mindedness good character good flavor good taste goodliness goodness of heart gourmet quality grace graciousness gustatory delightfulness harmoniousness healthfulness healthiness heart of gold heavenliness heavenly-mindedness high ideals high principles high-mindedness holiness holy-mindedness honesty honor honorableness humaneness humanity immaculacy integrity irreproachability irreproachableness justice justness kindheartedness kindliness kindly disposition kindness loving kindness lusciousness mellifluousness mellowness merit moral excellence moral rectitude moral strength morale morality niceness nobility normality normativeness odor of sanctity oh otherworldliness pleasance pleasantness pleasantry pleasingness pleasurability pleasurableness pleasure pleasurefulness principles probity properness proprieties propriety pureness pureness of heart purity quality rapport rectitude reputability respectability right conduct right taste righteousness rightness sainthood saintlikeness saintliness saintship salubriousness salubrity salutariness sanctitude sanctity sapidity savoriness scrumptiousness seemliness seraphicalness softheartedness soul of kindness spiritual-mindedness spirituality stainlessness suitability superiority sweetness sympathy tastiness tenderheartedness toothsomeness unearthliness unimpeachability unimpeachableness unspottedness unworldliness uprightness upstandingness virtue virtuousness warmheartedness warmth warmth of heart welcomeness wholesomeness worthiness


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