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ablated absconded absent ago all gone all in anemic annihilated antiquated antique asleep asleep in Jesus asthenic at rest away beat beat up beaten bereft of life beyond recall beyond remedy big bloodless blown over bone-weary breathless burnt up bushed by by the board bygone bypast called home carrion chicken consumed cowardly croaked cureless dated dead dead and buried dead and gone dead-and-alive dead-tired deadbeat death-struck debilitated deceased defunct deleted demised departed departed this life depleted destitute of life disappeared dissipated dog-tired dog-weary done done for done in done up down the drain drained drooping droopy dull eaten up effete elapsed eroded etiolated exanimate exhausted expectant expecting expended expired extinct fagged out faint faintish fallen feeble finished flabby flaccid floppy food for worms forfeit forfeited forgotten gone away gone glimmering gone off gone to glory gone west gone-by grand gutless had it has-been heavy imbecile immedicable impotent impoverished inanimate incorrigible incurable inoperable irreclaimable irrecoverable irredeemable irreformable irremediable irreparable irretrievable irreversible irrevocable kaput kaputt knocked out lacking languid languorous lapsed late late lamented launched into eternity left lifeless limber limp listless long-lost lost lost to lost to sight lost to view lustless marrowless martyred missing nerveless no longer present no more nonattendant nonexistent not found not present obsolete omitted out of sight out the window over parturient passe passed passed away passed on past past and gone past hope past praying for perished pithless played out pooped pooped out powerless prostrate pushing up daisies ready to drop released remediless reposing resting easy rubbery ruined run out sainted sapless shrunken sinewless slack sleeping smitten with death soft spent spineless squandered still stillborn strengthless subtracted taken away taken off terminal tired out tired to death tuckered out undone unhardened unmitigable unnerved unrelievable unsalvable unsalvageable unstrung used used up vanished wanting washed-up wasted weak weakly weary unto death whacked wiped out with the Lord with the saints without life without vital functions worn away worn-out wound up


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