1. (a.) Made of gold; consisting of gold.

2. (a.) Having the color of gold; as, the golden grain.

3. (a.) Very precious; highly valuable; excellent; eminently auspicious; as, golden opinions.

achingly sweet advantageous agreeable agreeable-sounding appealing ariose arioso aureate auric auriferous aurous auspicious beige benign benignant beyond price blessed blissful blond brass brassy brazen bright brilliant bronze bronzy buff buff-yellow canary canary-yellow canorous cantabile catchy cherished citron citron-yellow copper coppery cream creamy cupreous cuprous dazzling dear delightful divine dulcet ecru euphonic euphonious euphonous excellent exceptional exquisite exuberant fair fallow favorable favored favoring favorite ferrous ferruginous fertile fine-toned flaxen flourishing fortunate full of promise gifted gilded gilt gilt-edged gleaming glittering glorious glowing gold gold-colored gold-filled gold-plated golden-tongued golden-voiced good good as gold halcyon happy heavenly honeyed immense inestimable invaluable iron ironlike joyful joyous lead leaden lemon lemon-yellow liquid lucky lustrous luteolous lutescent magnificent marvelous melic mellifluent mellifluous mellisonant mellow melodic melodious mercurial mercurous music-flowing music-like musical nickel nickelic nickeline ocherish ocherous ochery ochreous ochroid ochrous ochry of good omen of great price of happy portent of promise opportune optimistic or outstanding palmy pet pewter pewtery pleasant pleasant-sounding precious priceless primrose primrose-colored primrose-yellow productive promising propitious prosperous quicksilver radiant resplendent rich rosy saffron saffron-colored saffron-yellow sallow sand-colored sandy sensational shining shiny silver silver-plated silver-toned silver-tongued silver-voiced silvery singable songful songlike sonorous sparkling special splendid splendiferous steel steely sterling straw straw-colored successful sunny super superb supereminent superexcellent superfine sweet sweet-flowing sweet-sounding talented terrific thriving tin tinny tremendous tunable tuneful valuable white-haired wonderful worthy xanthic xanthous yellow yellowish


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