(n.) Plural of Glossa.

abuse of terms acting affectation afterglow air glow alibi allowance amplification analysis annotate annotation apology apparatus criticus appearance apply paint attitudinizing bedaub bedizen begild belie besmear bilingual text biographical dictionary blind bluff bluffing brightness brush on paint buff burnish butter calcimine camouflage candescence catachresis cheating chemical dictionary clavis cloak coat color coloring comment comment upon commentary commentate commentation complexion conceal contort contorting cover cover story cover up cover-up creamy crib critical review criticism criticize critique cursoriness dab daub deception decipherment decoding decontamination deep-dye define definition delicate delusion desk dictionary device dialect dictionary dictionary dictionary of quotations dip disguise dissemblance dissembling dissimulation distemper distort distortion double-dye dress up dye edit editorial eggshell eisegesis electronics dictionary elucidate elucidation embellish emblazon embroider enamel engild epidermis error etymological dictionary excuse exegesis explain explanation explicate explication extenuating circumstances extenuation extenuative exteriority facade face faithful translation fakery faking false air false appearance false front false show falsify falsity fast-dye feigning feint finish flat flush footnote foreign-language dictionary four-flushing fraud free translation fresco front fudge furbish garble garbling gazetteer general dictionary geological dictionary get one wrong get wrong gild gilding gilt glance glaze gleam glint gloss gloss over glossary glossiness glow gradus grain guise handle hide hue humbug humbuggery illuminate imbue imposture incandescence ingrain interlinear interlinear translation interpret interpretation iridescent japan key lacquer lame excuse lay on lay on color leader leading article lexicon light locus standi loose translation luster make an edition malentendu malobservation mask masquerade mellow mere scratch meretriciousness metaphrase misapplication misapply misapprehend misapprehension miscitation miscite miscolor misconceive misconception misconstruction misconstrue misdeem misexplain misexplanation misexplicate misexplication misexposition misexpound misintelligence misinterpret misinterpretation misjudge misjudgment misquotation misquote misread misreading misrender misrendering misreport misrepresent misstate mistake mistranslate mistranslation misunderstand misunderstanding misuse of words mitigation mother-of-pearl nacreous no depth no water nomenclator notation note note of explanation notice onomasticon opalescent ostensible motive ostentation outward show overstate paint


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