1. (n.) A band or strap which encircles the body; especially, one by which a saddle is fastened upon the back of a horse.

2. (n.) The measure round the body, as at the waist or belly; the circumference of anything.

3. (n.) A small horizontal brace or girder.

4. (v. t.) To bind as with a girth.

ambit amplitude anchor anklet area armlet back band backstrap band bandage bar barrette bearing rein bellyband belt bend bigness bind bind up binding binding stone binding twine bit blinders blinds bobby pin body bollard bolt bonder bondstone border box hook brace bracelet braces brad braid breadth breeching bridle buckle bulk bundle button cable caliber caparison carpet tack catch cavesson cestus chain checkrein cheekpiece chinband cinch cincture cingulum circuit circumference clamp clasp cleat click clinch clip clothespin collar collarband corking pin cotter coverage crownband crupper cummerbund curb depth diameter dimension dimensions do up dowel earring ecliptic equator expanse expansion extension extent fascia fibula fillet finger ring fishhook funiculus gag swivel garter gauge gird girdle girt grab grapnel grappler grappling iron great circle greatness guy hackamore hairpin halter hames hametugs hank harness hasp hawser haywire headgear headstall height hip straps hitch hitching post holdfast hook hook and eye hoop horn inkle interlocker jaquima jerk line jockey kevel kingpin lace lacing largeness lariat lash latch latchet leader leash length ligament line lines lock loop magnitude martingale mass measure measurement moorings nail neckband necklace noose nose ring noseband nut padlock paper clip pawl peg perimeter periphery pin pintle pole strap pommel proportion proportions quoit radius range reach reins ribbons ring rivet roller rope saddle safety pin scale scope screw seal sennit setscrew shaft tug side check size skewer slide fastener snaffle snap snubbing post spike splice spread staple stirrup strap string strop stub tenon surcingle suspenders swaddle swathe tack tackle tag tendon terret thole tholepin thong thumbtack tie tie beam tie up toggle trappings treenail truss tug twine vise volume waistband whang width winker braces wire wrap wrap up wristband wristlet yoke zipper zodiac zone


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