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(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Gild.

C ration K ration OK abatement acceptance account acknowledgment adjustment admission agio aid alimony allocation allotment allowing annuity apportionment appreciation appropriation approximation assessment assignment assistance authorization avowal bank discount big end bigger half bill bit bite blackmail blood money board bounty breakage budget bulge cash discount cession chain discount charge-off charter chunk circumscription color commission commons concession confession consent consideration contingent countenance credit cut deadwood deal declaration decontamination deduction depletion allowance depreciation destiny deviation discount dispensation dividend dole drawback edge emergency rations emolument end equal share exception excuses exemption extenuating circumstances extenuation extenuative fate favor fee fellowship field rations financial assistance footing gilding gloss grain of salt grant grant-in-aid guaranteed annual income half halver handicap head start hedge hedging help helping hush money imprecision inaccuracy inaccurateness incorrectness indulgence inexactitude inexactness initiation fee interest kickback laxity leave liberty license limitation looseness lot meals measure meed mental reservation mess mileage mitigation modicum modification moiety negligence odds okay old-age insurance overhand palliation palliative part patent payment pecuniary aid penalty penalty clause pension percentage permission permission to enter permit permitting piece pin money pocket money portion predictable error premium price reduction price support price-cut probable error profession proportion public assistance public welfare qualification quantum quota rake-off ration rations rebate rebatement reckoning recognition recompense reduction refund reimbursement release relief remittance remuneration reservation restriction retainer retaining fee retirement benefits rollback salvage salvo sanction sanctioning scholarship scot segment setoff share short commons slice small share softening special case special permission special treatment specialness specification stake standard deviation start stipend stock subsidization subsidy subvention sufferance suffering support tare tax benefit ticket ticket of admission time discount tolerance tolerating toleration trade discount tret tribute tucker uncorrectness underselling unfactualness unpreciseness unrigorousness vantage varnish vouchsafement waiver welfare welfare aid welfare payments whitewash whitewashing write-off


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