1. (n.) Jet, the mineral.

2. (n.) Fashion; manner; custom.

3. (n.) Artifice; contrivance.

4. (v. t.) To procure; to obtain; to gain possession of; to acquire; to earn; to obtain as a price or reward; to come by; to win, by almost any means; as, to get favor by kindness; to get wealth by industry and economy; to get land by purchase, etc.

5. (v. t.) Hence, with have and had, to come into or be in possession of; to have.

6. (v. t.) To beget; to procreate; to generate.

7. (v. t.) To obtain mental possession of; to learn; to commit to memory; to memorize; as to get a lesson; also with out; as, to get out one's Greek lesson.

8. (v. t.) To prevail on; to induce; to persuade.

9. (v. t.) To procure to be, or to cause to be in any state or condition; -- with a following participle.

10. (v. t.) To betake; to remove; -- in a reflexive use.

11. (v. i.) To make acquisition; to gain; to profit; to receive accessions; to be increased.

12. (v. i.) To arrive at, or bring one's self into, a state, condition, or position; to come to be; to become; -- with a following adjective or past participle belonging to the subject of the verb; as, to get sober; to get awake; to get beaten; to get elected.

13. (n.) Offspring; progeny; as, the get of a stallion.

OD absorb accede to accept access accumulate acquire addle admit advance affect age aggravate agree with alight amaze anger annex annoy answer apparel appreciate apprehend approach arise arouse arrange arrest arrive arrive at ascend ascertain assemble assimilate associate with assume attend to attire avails avoid awaken back badger baffle bag bait bamboozle be agreeable be at be brought down be changed be converted into be felled be informed be into be off be paid be responsible for be seized of be struck down be successful be traumatized be up to be with one beat beat it become become acquainted with become aware of become known bedevil beget begone beset bewilder blast blot out boggle book bother bottom bound box office break away break free break out breed breed true bribe bring bring back bring down bring on bring upon bristle broaden the mind brood brown off buffalo bug bullyrag bump off burn up buy bypass cajole call for call forth canter capital gains capture carp catch catch cold catch on catch up cause chalk up chase after children chivy circulate circumvent claim clap hands on clasp claw cleanup clear clear out clear profit clear up clench climb climb down climb up clinch clothe clutch coax collapse collar collect come come back come by come down come down with come in come in for come into come to come to be come to terms commissions communicate communicate with compass complete comprehend conceive concentrate on conclude confound confuse congregate contact contemplate contract contrive convene cope copulate corral corrupt crack cram the mind create credit credits criticize croak cross crossbreed damage daze debug decipher deck out decode deject delineate depart deplane depress derive derive from descend descend from describe detail determine detrain devil devise dig digest disappear discompose discourage discover discuss disembark disentangle dishearten dismount dispirit disposable income distemper disturb dividend dividends divine do do in do well doff dog don dope dope out drag down drag out drain off draw draw down draw from draw off draw on dress dress in dress up earn earned income earnings eat effect elicit elude embark embrace emplane engage engender


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