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(a.) Belonging to, or proceeding from, the original stock; native; hence, not counterfeit, spurious, false, or adulterated; authentic; real; natural; true; pure; as, a genuine text; a genuine production; genuine materials.

aboveboard absolute actual arcadian artless authentic bluff blunt bona fide broad brusque bucolic candid card-carrying de facto dinkum direct downright earnest explicit factual fair and square following the letter for real forthright foursquare frank frankhearted free free-speaking free-spoken free-tongued good good-faith heart-to-heart historical homespun honest honest-to-God inartificial ingenuous lawful legitimate lifelike literal native natural naturalistic naturelike on the level on the square on the up-and-up open open and aboveboard openhearted original outspoken pastoral plain plain-spoken positive proper pukka pure real realistic rightful round rural simon-pure simple sincere single-hearted square square-dealing square-shooting sterling straight straight-out straight-shooting straightforward substantial sure-enough transparent TRUE true to life true to nature true to reality unadorned unadulterated unaffected unartificial unassumed unassuming unchecked uncolored unconcocted unconstrained uncopied uncounterfeited undeniable undesigning undisguised undisguising undissembling undissimulating undistorted unembellished unequivocal unexaggerated unfabricated unfanciful unfeigned unfeigning unfictitious unflattering unguarded unimagined unimitated uninvented unpretended unpretending unpretentious unqualified unreserved unrestrained unromantic unsimulated unspecious unspoiled unsynthetic unvarnished up-and-up verbal verbatim veridical verisimilar veritable word-for-word


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