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1. (a.) Refined; belonging to high birth or breeding; free from vulgarity\, or lowness of taste or behavior; adapted to a refined or cultivated taste; polite; well-bred; as, genteel company, manners, address.

2. (a.) Graceful in mien or form; elegant in appearance, dress, or manner; as, the lady has a genteel person. Law.

3. (a.) Suited to the position of lady or a gentleman; as, to live in a genteel allowance.

Victorian affected appropriate aristocratic artificial becoming blue-blooded braw cavalier chic chivalrous civil classy clothes-conscious confined cosmopolitan county courteous courtly cultivated cultured dapper dashing debonair decent decorous distingue dressed to advantage dressed to kill ducal elegant exalted exquisite fashionable felicitous fitting formal gentle gentlemanlike gentlemanly graceful gracious happy high high-class highbred insular intolerant jaunty kinglike kingly knightly la-di-da ladylike mannered mannerly meet mincing narrow natty neat nifty nobby noble of gentle blood of rank overdone parochial patrician polished polite pompous posh pretentious prig priggish princelike princely prissy proper provincial prudish puritanical putting on airs queenlike queenly quite the lady recherche refined respectable right ritzy royal seemly sharp silk-stocking sleek smart smug snazzy soigne soignee sophisticated spiffy spruce stilted straitlaced stuffy style-conscious stylish suave suitable swank swanky swell thoroughbred titled tony too-too tricksy trig trim uncharitable unnatural upper crust urbane well-behaved well-bred well-brought-up well-dressed well-groomed well-mannered


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