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(n.) The state of being full, or of abounding; abundance; completeness.

abundance affluence ample sufficiency ampleness amplitude avalanche bassness beam bellyful bonanza boundlessness bountifulness bountiousness breadth broadness bulk bumper crop ceaselessness completeness comprehensiveness congestion consecutiveness constancy constant flow continualness continuity continuousness copiousness crescendo deepness distance across endlessness engorgement enormity enormousness entireness equilibrium exhaustiveness expanse extent extravagance exuberance featurelessness fertility fill flood flood tide flow foison formidableness full full measure gaplessness generosity generousness gigantism glut grandeur grandness great abundance great plenty great scope greatness gush high tide high water holism hollowness hugeness immensity impletion incessancy inclusiveness infinity intactness integrity intensity jointlessness landslide largeness latitude lavishness liberality liberalness lots loudishness loudness lowness luxuriance magnitude maximum mellowness might mightiness monotony more than enough much muchness myriad myriads numerousness opulence opulency outpouring overflow overfullness plangency plenitude plenteousness plentifulness plenty plethora power prevalence prodigality prodigiousness productiveness profuseness profusion quantities repleteness repletion resonance rich harvest rich vein richness riot riotousness satiation satiety satisfaction saturatedness saturation saturation point scads scope seamlessness shower skinful smoothness snootful sonority sonorousness soundness span spate spread spring tide stability steadiness steady state stream strength stupendousness substantiality substantialness successiveness superabundance supersaturation surfeit surge surge of sound swell swelling teemingness total approach totality tremendousness unbrokenness undifferentiation uniformity unintermittedness uninterruptedness uninterruption unity universality unrelievedness vastness vibrancy volume wealth wholeness wideness width


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