1. (v. t.) To variegate; to checker; to streak.

2. (n.) A sudden causeless change or turn of the mind; a whim of fancy; a capricious prank; a vagary or caprice.

Bohemian LSD user aberration abnormal abnormality abortion acidhead addict aficionado alcoholic amateur androgyne anomalous anomaly aspirant aspirer atypical authority baroque beatnik bee bigot bizarre boutade brainstorm buff bug candidate capriccio caprice chain smoker character chimera cocaine sniffer cokie collector conceit connoisseur coveter crackpot crank craze crazy idea critic crosspatch crotchet cubehead curiosity deformed deformity demon desirer deviant devotee dilettante dipsomaniac dissenter dope fiend doper dropout drug abuser drug addict drug user drunkard eager beaver eccentric eccentricity energumen enthusiast erratic exceptional expert extraordinary fad faddist fan fanatic fanatico fancier fancy fantastic notion fantasy fiend flake flimflam flower child fool notion freak of nature freakish freakish inspiration freaky glue sniffer great one for grotesque habitual hankerer harebrained idea head heavy smoker heretic hermaphrodite hippie hobbyist hopeful hophead hound humor hype idiosyncrasy individualist infatuate inner-directed person irregularity junkie kink kook lover lunatic fringe maggot malconformation malformation malformed maniac marijuana smoker maverick megrim methhead misbegotten miscreation misfit misshape misshapen monomaniac monster monstrosity monstrous mosaic mutant mutation narcotics addict naysayer nonconformist nonjuror notion nut odd oddball oddity original passing fancy peculiarity pillhead pothead pundit pursuer queer quirk rara avis rare rarity recluse rhapsodist rococo savant scholar screwball sectarian sectary snowbird solicitant specialist speed freak sport strange strange duck sucker for suitor swinger technical expert technician teratism teratogenic teratoid toy tripper ugly duckling unconformist unexpected unforeseen unique unparalleled unpredictable unpredicted unusual user vagary visionary votary wanter weird weirdo whim whim-wham whimsy wisher yearner yippie zealot


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