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1. (a.) Belonging to the Order of St. Francis of the Franciscans.

2. (n.) A monk or friar of the Order of St. Francis, a large and zealous order of mendicant monks founded in 1209 by St. Francis of Assisi. They are called also Friars Minor; and in England, Gray Friars, because they wear a gray habit.

Albigensian Augustinian Augustinian Hermit Austin Friar Benedictine Bernardine Black Friar Black Monk Bonhomme Brigittine Capuchin Carmelite Carthusian Catharist Cistercian Cluniac Conventual Crossed Friar Crutched Friar Dominican Friar Minor Gilbertine Gray Friar Hospitaler Jesuit Loyolite Marist Maryknoll Minorite Observant Oratorian Premonstratensian Recollect Recollet Redemptorist Sabbatarian Templar Trappist Waldensian White Friar abstainer anchorite ascetic begging hermit bhikshu dervish fakir flagellant hermit mendicant preaching friar puritan sannyasi yogi yogin


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