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Barnumism Gongorism act acting action actions activity acts address affectedness air airs appearance artfulness artifice artificiality attitudinizing bearing bedizenment behavior behavior pattern behavioral norm behavioral science big talk bluff bluffing carriage cheating color coloring command of language comportment conduct convolution culture pattern custom deception delusion demeanor deportment disguise dissemblance dissembling dissimulation doing doings euphemism euphuism exaggeration expression of ideas facade face fakery faking false air false front false show falsity fashion feeling for words feigning feint flashiness flatulence flatulency folkway form of speech four-flushing fraud front fulsomeness garishness gaudiness gestures gilt gloss goings-on grace of expression grandiloquence grandioseness grandiosity guise high-flown diction humbug humbuggery hyperelegance imposture inflatedness inflation insincerity lexiphanicism literary style loftiness lugs luridness magniloquence maintien manner manner of speaking manneredness mannerism manners masquerade mere rhetoric meretriciousness method methodology methods mien mode mode of expression modus vivendi motions movements moves observable behavior orotundity ostentation ostentatious complexity outward show overelaboration overelegance overniceness overrefinement pattern peculiarity personal style platitudinous ponderosity playacting poise polysyllabic profundity pomposity pompous prolixity pompousness pontification port pose posing posture posturing practice praxis preciosity preciousness presence pretense pretension pretentiousness pretext procedure proceeding prose run mad purism representation rhetoric rhetoricalness seeming semblance sensationalism sense of language sententiousness sham show showiness simulacrum simulation social science speciousness stiltedness strain style stylistic analysis stylistics swelling utterance swollen phrase swollenness tactics tall talk the grand style the plain style the sublime tone tortuosity tortuousness trick tumidity tumidness turgescence turgidity unnaturalness varnish vein way way of life ways window dressing


Form Of Government
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