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ESP actuarial prediction acuity acumen acuteness aftertime afteryears anticipation apocalypse apperception approach arrangement astuteness attack beginnings blueprint blueprinting by-and-by calculation canniness care caution charting circumspection clairsentience clairvoyance cogency conception contrivance course ahead crystal ball design determinism device discernment discreetness discretion disposition distant future earliness early hour early stage enterprise envisagement eventuality expectation extrasensory perception farseeingness farsightedness figuring first crack first stage forearming foreboding forecast forecasting forehandedness foreknowledge foreshowing foresightedness foretelling forethought forethoughtfulness forward look future future tense futurism futurity game graphing ground floor ground plan guesswork guidelines head start hereafter idea immediate future immediate prospect imminence improbability incisiveness insight insurance intention intuition layout lineup long-range plan longheadedness longsightedness lucidity mapping master plan measures method methodology near future offing omen operations research organization outlook penetration perception perceptiveness percipience perspicaciousness perspicacity perspicuity perspicuousness plan planning planning function posteriority prearrangement precaution precautions precautiousness prediction prefiguration prefigurement prefiguring premonition presage presaging prescience presentiment preshowing presignifying prevenience preventive measure prevision probability procedure prognosis prognostication program program of action project promise prophecy prophesying prospect prospectus protection providence provision prudence psychometry rationalization readiness running start safeguard sagaciousness sagacity schedule schema schematism schematization scheme scheme of arrangement second sight sensibility setup sixth sense soothsay speculation statistical prediction steps steps and measures strategic plan strategy system systematization tactical plan tactics the big picture the future the morrow the picture the sweet by-and-by time ahead time just ahead time to come time to spare tomorrow trenchancy vaticination very beginning vision watchfulness way wisdom working plan


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