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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Follow.

2. (n.) One's followers, adherents, or dependents, collectively.

3. (n.) Vocation; business; profession.

4. (a.) Next after; succeeding; ensuing; as, the assembly was held on the following day.

5. (a.) (In the field of a telescope) In the direction from which stars are apparently moving (in consequence of the earth's rotation); as, a small star, north following or south following. In the direction toward which stars appear to move is called preceding.

adherent after afterlife alike aped appendage appendant attendance attendant audience behind below body of retainers buff bugging cadet cavaliere servente chase clientage clientele cloak-and-dagger work cohort coming coming after consecution consecutive consecutiveness consequent consequential consimilar continuation continuity copied copying cortege counterespionage counterfeit counterfeiting counterintelligence court courtier cynegetic dangler deducible dependent derivable derivational derivative descent disciple dogging electronic surveillance emulation ensuing entourage ersatz espial espionage extension fake fakery fan favoring final fishing flunky follow follow-up follower forgery future time halieutic hanger-on hangover henchman hit-off homme de cour homogeneous hue and cry hunting identical imitated imitation impersonation imposture impression in full cry in hot pursuit in pursuit infenible intelligence intelligence work junior lateness later like line lineage lineal logical sequence military intelligence mimesis mimicked mirroring mock nearly reproduced next next life not unlike observation onomatopoeia order order of succession parasite parody partisan phony piscatorial piscatory plagiarism plagiary postdate postdating posterior posteriority postposition postpositional postpositive procession progression prolongation prosecution provenience proximate public puisne pursuance pursuant pursuer pursuing pursuit pursuivant quest questing remainder repetition resembling resultant resulting retinue rotation rout satellite searching secret police secret service sectary seeking sequacious sequence sequent sequential series shadow shadowing similar simulated simulation since smacking of something like spying stakeout stalking stooge subjunction subsequence subsequent subsequent to succeeding succession successive successiveness successor suffixation suffixed suggestive of suite supervenience supervention supporter surveillance synthetic tagtail tail tailing takeoff tracking tracking down trailing train trainbearer uniform with votary ward heeler wiretap wiretapping younger


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