1. (a.) Ready in the use of words or languages; as, a fluent speaker\; hence, flowing; voluble; smooth; -- said of language; as, fluent speech.

2. (a.) Flowing or capable of flowing; liquid; easily moving.

3. (n.) A current of water; a stream.

4. (n.) A variable quantity, considered as increasing or diminishing; -- called, in the modern calculus, the function or integral.

affluent all jaw apt articulate ascending axial back back-flowing backward balanced candid chatty communicative concinnate concinnous confluent conversational coursing cursive decurrent defluent descending diffluent down-trending downward drifting easy effortless effusive elegant eloquent euphonic euphonical euphonious expansive expressive facile felicitous flip flowing fluid fluidal fluidic fluxible fluxile fluxional fluxionary fluxive flying frank gabby garrulous gassy glib going gossipy graceful gregarious gulfy gushing gushy gyrational gyratory harmonious juicy liquid liquidy long-winded loquacious mazy meandering measured mounting multiloquent multiloquious natural newsy ordered orderly overtalkative passing pleasing plunging polished pouring profluent progressive prolix prompt quick racing ready reflowing refluent regressive retrogressive rising rotary rotational rotatory running runny rushing sappy serpentine sideward sinking slick sluggish smooth smooth-sounding smooth-spoken soaring sociable streaming succulent surging surgy sweet symmetrical talkative talky tidal tripping up-trending upward verbose vocal voluble vortical watery well-spoken windy


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