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(n.) A freak; a trick; a lie.

balderdash ballot-box stuffing balls baloney bamboozle bamboozlement beat befool befooling beguile of bilk blague bluffing bosh boutade brainstorm bull bullshit bunco bunk bunkum burn calculated deception capriccio caprice cardsharping cheat cheating chicane chisel chouse chouse out of circumvention claptrap cock-and-bull story cog cog the dice con conceit conning cozen cozenage crank crap craze crazy idea crib crotchet deceit deceiving deception deceptiveness defraud defrauding delusion delusiveness diddle diddling dishonesty do do in do out of dodge double-talk drivel dupery enmeshment ensnarement entanglement entrapment euchre exaggeration eyewash fad fairy tale fake fallaciousness fallacy falsehood falseness falsity fancy fantastic notion fantasy farfetched story farrago fib fiction finagle fish story fishy transaction flam fleece flimflammery fob fond illusion fool fool notion fooling fraud fraudulence fraudulency freak freakish inspiration fudge gammon gerrymandering ghost story gouge graft grift gull gyp gyp joint half-truth hallucination harebrained idea have hoax hocus hocus-pocus hogwash hoke hokum hoodwink hoodwinking hooey hot air humbug humbuggery humor illicit business illusion imposition imposture jazz jiggery-pokery kidding kink legal fiction lie little white lie maggot megrim mendacity mirage moonshine mulct notion outwitting overreach overreaching pack the deal passing fancy phantasm pigeon pious fiction practice fraud upon prevarication putting on quirk racket rook scam screw self-deception sell sell gold bricks sham shave shortchange slight stretching snow job song and dance spoofery spoofing stack the cards stick sting story subterfuge swindle swindling take a dive tale tall story tall tale taradiddle thimblerig throw a fight toy trickiness tricking trumped-up story untruth vagary victimization victimize vision whim whim-wham whimsy white lie willful misconception wishful thinking yarn


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