1. (v. t.) To whip lightly or with a quick jerk; to flap; as, to flick a horse; to flick the dirt from boots.

2. (n.) A flitch; as, a flick of bacon.

3-D Cinemascope Cinerama Technicolor Western animated cartoon beak beat bicker birthmark black-and-white film blaze blemish bloodstain blot blotch blur bob brand breath brush bump bunt caress cartoon caste mark check checkmark chiller chink chuck cicatrix cine cinema click clink clop clump clunk color film come in contact contact creepie crump cut cutaneous sense dab dance dapple daub discoloration documentary documentary film dot dull thud earmark educational film engraving eyesore feature feel feel of feeling fillip film finger fingertip caress flap fleck flicker flip flirt flit flitter flop flounce flump flutter flyspeck freckle gash glance go pitapat graving graze gutter hack hand-mindedness handle hitch horror picture horse opera jerk jig jigger jigget jiggle jog joggle jot kiss lambency lap lentigo lick light touch macula maculation macule manipulate mark marking mole motion picture motion-picture show mottle movie moving picture nevus newsreel nick notch nudie pad palm palpate palpitate pat patch patter paw peck photodrama photoplay pick picture picture show pitapat pitter-patter pluck plump plunk ply point poke at polka dot pop pornographic film preview prick prod pulse puncture rap rub scar scarification score scotch scratch scratching sense of touch short show silent silent film skin flick slat smear smirch smouch smudge smut smutch snake snap snatch sneak preview spaghetti Western spatter speck speckle splash splatter splotch splutter spot sputter stain start stigma strawberry mark stroke sudden pull tactile sense taction taint talkie talking picture tap tarnish tattoo tattoo mark tentative poke thriller throb thud thumb thump tick tickle tinkle tip tittle touch trailer tunk tweak twiddle twitch underground film watermark wave waver whisk whisper wield wrench yank yerk


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