(a.) Consisting of flakes or of small, loose masses; lying, or cleaving off, in flakes or layers; flake like.

abnormal anomalous apish arbitrary asinine asperous balmy bananas barmy bats batty beany befooled beguiled besotted bonkers brainless branny buffoonish buggy bughouse bugs capricious chalklike chalky cockeyed comminute comminuted crackers crank crankish cranky crazy credulous crotchety crushed cuckoo daffy daft dazed detrital detrited deviant deviative different dippy disintegrated divergent dizzy doting dotty dumb dusty eccentric efflorescent erratic exceptional fanciful fantasied fantastic farinaceous fatuitous fatuous fey fine flipped flocculent floury fond fool foolheaded foolish freaked-out freakish fruitcakey fruity fuddled funny furfuraceous futile gaga gone to dust goofy grated ground gulled harebrained haywire humorsome idiocratic idiosyncratic idiotic imbecile impalpable inane inept infatuated insane irregular just plain nuts kinky kooky lentiginous lepidote levigated loony loopy mad maggoty maudlin mealy milled moody moronic motiveless notional nuts nutty odd oddball off the hinges off the track off the wall peculiar pestled petulant potty powdered powdery pulverant pulverized pulverulent queer quirky reduced to powder round the bend sappy scabby scabious scabrous scaly scobicular scobiform screwball screwballs screwy scurfy senseless sentimental sharded shredded silly singular slaphappy squamous strange stupid temperamental thoughtless triturated twisted unconventional unnatural unreasonable unrestrained vagarious vagrant wacky wanton wayward wet whimsical witless


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