1. (imp. & p. p.) of Fix.

2. (a.) Securely placed or fastened; settled; established; firm; immovable; unalterable.

3. (a.) Stable; non-volatile.

abiding absolute acknowledged admitted admitting no exception agreed aground aligned all up with all-out anchored arranged arrayed arrested ascertained assigned assorted assured at a standstill at anchor attached attested authenticated beat beaten bent bested bonded borne out categorical categorized caught cemented certain certified chained changeless charmed chronic circumscribed circumscript circumstantiated classified clear close complete composed concentrated conclusive concrete conditional confirmed confounded constant constituted continuing conventional cooked-up corroborated crooked customary cut out cut-and-dried cut-and-dry dead-still decided decisive deep-dyed deep-fixed deep-rooted deep-seated deep-set deep-settled defeated defined definite definitive delimited demarcated demonstrated deployed detailed determinate determined different discomfited dishonest disposed distinct distinguished done for done in down downright durable dyed-in-the-wool embosomed emplaced enchanted encircled enduring ensconced enthralled entire esoteric especial established exceptional exclusive explicit express extraordinary fallen fascinated fast fastened final firm flat flat-out flinty floored folk framed frozen given global glued graded gripped grouped guaranteed habitual hallowed handed down harmonized hedged about held heroic high and dry hoary hors de combat hypnotized idle immemorial immobile immotile immotive immovable immutable impacted implanted implicit in apple-pie order in commission in condition in fine fettle in good condition in good form in good shape in good trim in kilter in order in repair in shape in the bag in the pink in trim in working order inalterable inappealable incorrigible inculcated indisputable individual inextricable infixed inflexible ingrained inner installed instilled intact intent intimate invariable inveterate inviolate irremovable irreversible jammed lambasted lasting lathered legendary licked limited located long-established long-standing loyal made sure marshaled mesmerized methodized minute moored motionless moveless mythological nailed down narrow never-failing normalized noteworthy obstinate of long standing of the folk on ice on the skids open-and-shut oral ordered orderly organized out of commission out-and-out outdone outright overborne overcome overmastered overmatched overpowered overridden overthrown overturned overwhelmed packed panicked particular peremptory perfect permanent perpetual persistent personal placed planned planted plotted positioned positive posted


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