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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Fit.

2. (n.) Anything used in fitting up

3. (n.) necessary fixtures or apparatus; as, the fittings of a church or study; gas fittings.

4. (a.) Fit; appropriate; suitable; proper.

a propos about-face accessories accommodation accordant according to Hoyle accouterments ad rem adaptation adapted adjustment advantageous advisable alteration amelioration apostasy apparatus appliances applicable appointments apposite appropriate appurtenances apropos apt armament attachments auspicious banausic becoming befitting beneficial betterment break change change of heart changeableness civil comely comme il faut commodious concordant condign conditioning congruous constructive change continuity conveniences convenient conversion correct decent decorous defection degeneration degenerative change desirable desired deterioration deviation difference discontinuity divergence diversification diversion diversity dovetailing due duffel elements employable enablement equipage equipment expedient facilities facility favorable feasible felicitous fit fitted fitten fittings fixtures flip-flop fortunate fructuous functional furnishing furnishings furniture gear geared genteel germane good good for gradual change happy harmonious helpful impedimenta improvement inspired installations just just right kit kosher likely lucky machinery materiel meet melioration meshing mitigation modification modulation munition munitions nice normal normative of general utility of help of service of use on the button opportune outfit overthrow paraphernalia parts pat pertinent pieces plant plumbing politic practical pragmatical profitable proper propitious providential qualification qualified radical change recommendable redesign reform reformation relevant remaking renewal reshaping restructuring reversal revival revivification revolution rig rigging right right and proper righteous rightful ripe seasonable seemly serviceable shift sortable stock-in-trade sudden change suitable suited suiting switch tackle tailored things timely to be desired to the point to the purpose total change transition trappings tuning turn turnabout units upheaval urbane useful utensils utilitarian variation variety violent change well-chosen well-expressed well-put well-timed wise worsening worthwhile


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