1. (n.) The act of discharging firearms.

2. (n.) The mode of introducing fuel into the furnace and working it.

3. (n.) The application of fire, or of a cautery.

4. (n.) The process of partly vitrifying pottery by exposing it to intense heat in a kiln.

5. (n.) Fuel; firewood or coal.

afflatus agitation alcohol animating spirit animation animus antiaircraft fire archery arousal benzine briquette burnable butane carbon cashiering casting charcoal chucking coal coke combustible conge cross fire curtain fire deconsecration defrocking deposal deposition deprivation dethronement direct fire disbarment disbarring discharge discrownment disemployment disenthronement dismissal displacement displacing divine afflatus dope drumming out dry fire enlivenment ethane ethanol exasperation excitation excitement excommunication exhilaration expulsion file fire fire fire of demolition fireball firepower fireworks flack flak flammable flammable material flammation flinging fomentation forced resignation forced separation fuel fuel additive fuel dope furloughing gas gas carbon gasoline genius ground fire gunfight gunfire gunnery gunplay heaving heptane hexane high-angle fire horizontal fire hurling ignition impeachment incitation incitement infection inflammable inflammable material inflammation infusion inspiration instigation interdiction fire irritation isooctane jaculation jet fuel kerosene kicking upstairs kindling layoff lighting lighting up liquidation lobbing machine-gun fire methane methanol mortar fire moving spirit musketry natural gas octane oil ousting overthrow overthrowal paraffin peat pensioning off pentane pep rally pep talk percussion fire pink slip pistol fire pitching projection propane propellant provocation purge rabble-rousing raking fire rapid fire removal retirement ricochet fire rifle fire rocket fuel shellfire shoot-out shooting skeet skeet shooting slinging stimulation stirring stirring-up superannuation surplusing suspension the ax the boot the bounce the gate the sack throwing ticket time fire trajection trapshooting turf unchurching unfrocking unseating vertical fire walking papers zone fire


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