(n.) A genus (Abies) of coniferous trees, often of large size and elegant shape, some of them valued for their timber and others for their resin. The species are distinguished as the balsam fir, the silver fir, the red fir, etc. The Scotch fir is a Pinus.

Adrianople red Alice blue Arabian red Argos brown Bordeaux Brunswick black Brunswick blue Burgundy Capri blue Cassel yellow Chinese blue Chinese white Claude tint Cologne brown Columbian red Congo rubine Copenhagen blue Dresden blue Dutch orange Egyptian green English red French blue French gray Gobelin blue Goya Guinea green India pink Indian red Irish green Janus green Kelly green Kendal green Kildare green Klangfarbe Lincoln green Majolica earth Mars orange Mars violet Mexican red Mitis green Montpellier green Nile green Paris green Paris yellow Persian blue Persian red Pompeian blue Prussian blue Prussian red Quaker green Roman umber Saint Benoit Saxe blue Saxony green Schweinfurt green Spanish green Spanish ocher Tanagra Tangier ocher Technicolor Titian Turkey red Turkey umber Tyrian purple Vandyke red Vienna green Wedgwood blue Wedgwood green absinthe acid yellow acier acorn acting action adjunct adorn adornment affect affectation air alabaster alesan alibi alizarin brown allow for allowance amber amethyst amidonaphthol red anagnorisis aniline black aniline blue annatto anthracene brown anthragallol antique brown antique gold any color apology appearance apple green apply paint apricot aqua green aquamarine architectonics architecture argument arrangement array arsenic yellow ash ash gray atmosphere attitude attitudinizing aureolin autumn leaf avocado green azo blue azo-orange azulene azure azurite blue baby blue background badge balance banner barium sulfate bat bearing beautify bedaub bedeck bedizen begild belie bend benzoazurine beryl beryl green besmear besprinkle bias bice biscuit bister blanc fixe blanch blazon bleu celeste blind blond blood blue black blue turquoise bluff bluffing blush bone black bone brown bottle green bracken brand breathe breed brew bright color bright rose brightness brilliance brow brush on paint brushwork buff bunny brown burgee burgundy burlesque burnt Roman ocher burnt almond burnt carmine burnt ocher burnt rose burnt sienna butter cadet blue cadmium orange cadmium yellow cafe noir calamine blue calcimine camouflage canary carbon black cardinal caricature carmine carnation carnelian carotene carriage cartoon cast cast of countenance catastrophe celadon censor cerulean chalk chamois champagne change color character characterization charcoal chartreuse chartreuse green chartreuse tint chartreuse yellow cheating chestnut chrome chrome black chrome lemon chrome orange chrome oxide green chrome red chrome yellow chromogen chrysophenin chrysoprase green ciba blue cinder gray cinnabar citron green civette green clan clang color claret clematis cloak cloud gray coat coat of paint coating cobalt cobalt green cochineal coconut color filter color gelatin color patterns


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