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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Finish.

2. (a.) Polished to the highest degree of excellence; complete; perfect; as, a finished poem; a finished education.

Attic Ciceronian SOL ablated accomplished ago all bets off all off all over all up antiquated antique archetypical asleep asleep in Jesus at an end at concert pitch at rest ausgespielt balanced bankrupt bereft of life blasted blighted blown over breathless broken buffed burnished burnt up by bygone bypast called home canceled career carrion chaste classic cleaned up clear coached coequal complete completed concluded consumed consummate conversant coordinate croaked cultivated cultured dated dead dead and buried dead and gone death-struck deceased decided defunct deleted demised departed departed this life depleted desolated destitute of life destroyed devastated developed direct dissipated done done for done in done with down down-and-out drained easy eaten up effete elapsed elegant ended equal equilateral eroded eurythmic even exanimate exemplary exhausted expert expired expunged extinct fallen fini finished up food for worms forgotten fully developed furbished glace glassy glazed gleaming glossy gone gone glimmering gone to glory gone to pot gone west gone-by graceful gracile harmonious has-been impoverished in ruins inanimate initiate initiated irrecoverable irremediable kaput lacquered lapsed late late lamented launched into eternity lifeless limpid lucid martyred masterful masterly mature matured model natural neat no more obsolete over overthrown passe passed passed away passed on past pellucid perfected perfective perspicuous plain polished practiced prepared primed professional proficient proportioned pure pushing up daisies quintessential ravaged refined regular released reposing resting easy restrained ripe ripened round rubbed ruined ruinous run out sainted satiny set at rest settled shellacked shiny shot silken silky simple skilled sleek sleeping slick smitten with death smooth spent spoiled still stillborn straightforward suave symmetric taken away taken off tasteful technical terminated terse through through with trained trim unaffected undone uniform unlabored urbane used up vanished varnished velvety versatile virtuosic washed up washed-up wasted well-balanced well-set well-set-up wiped out with the Lord with the saints without life without vital functions worn away worn-out wound up wrapped up wrecked zapped


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