1. (superl.) Finished; brought to perfection; refined; hence, free from impurity; excellent; superior; elegant; worthy of admiration; accomplished; beautiful.

2. (superl.) Aiming at show or effect; loaded with ornament; overdressed or overdecorated; showy.

3. (superl.) Nice; delicate; subtle; exquisite; artful; skillful; dexterous.

4. (superl.) Not coarse, gross, or heavy

5. (superl.) Not gross; subtle; thin; tenous.

6. (superl.) Not coarse; comminuted; in small particles; as, fine sand or flour.

7. (superl.) Not thick or heavy; slender; filmy; as, a fine thread.

8. (superl.) Thin; attenuate; keen; as, a fine edge.

9. (superl.) Made of fine materials; light; delicate; as, fine linen or silk.

10. (superl.) Having (such) a proportion of pure metal in its composition; as, coins nine tenths fine.

11. (superl.) (Used ironically.)

12. (v.) To make fine; to refine; to purify, to clarify; as, to fine gold.

13. (v.) To make finer, or less coarse, as in bulk, texture, etc.; as. to fine the soil.

14. (v.) To change by fine gradations; as (Naut.), to fine down a ship's lines, to diminish her lines gradually.

15. (n.) End; conclusion; termination; extinction.

16. (n.) A sum of money paid as the settlement of a claim, or by way of terminating a matter in dispute; especially, a payment of money imposed upon a party as a punishment for an offense; a mulct.

17. (n.) A final agreement concerning lands or rents between persons, as the lord and his vassal.

18. (n.) A sum of money or price paid for obtaining a benefit, favor, or privilege, as for admission to a copyhold, or for obtaining or renewing a lease.

19. (n.) To impose a pecuniary penalty upon for an offense or breach of law; to set a fine on by judgment of a court; to punish by fine; to mulct; as, the trespassers were fined ten dollars.

20. (v. i.) To pay a fine. See Fine, n., 3 (b).

21. (v. t.) To finish; to cease; or to cause to cease.

Babylonian Corinthian OK Roger absolutely abstruse accomplished accurate acrid acute admirable adulterated advantageous aesthetic aesthetically appealing affable agreeable airy alive and kicking all right alright alrighty amen amerce amercement amiable amicable amusing appreciative arabesque aright as you say assessment assuredly attentive attenuate attenuated attractive auspicious awe-inspiring awful aye balmy barbaric baroque beauteous beautiful beneficial benevolent bitsy bitty blissful bon bonny bonzer boyish branny braw bright bright and fair bright-eyed and bushy-tailed brilliant bueno busy by all means capital capitally certainly chalklike chalky champion charge cheerful chichi chipper choice civilized clear close cloudless cogent comely commendable comminute comminuted compatible complaisant confiscate congenial conscientious constant consummate cool cordial correct critical crushed cryptic cultivated cultured cut cute cutting da dainty damages dandy delicat delicate deluxe demanding desirable detailed detrital detrited diaphanous differential dilute diluted direct discriminate discriminating discriminative disintegrated distinctive distinguishing distrain distraint distress double-edged downy dry dulcet dusty edged efflorescent elaborate elegant en rapport endowed with beauty enigmatic enjoyable enjoying health entertaining escheat escheatment esoteric estimable estreat ethereal eupeptic even exact exacting exactly excellent excellently exceptional exigent expedient express exquisite extravagant eye-filling fair fair and pleasant faithful famous famously fancy farinaceous fastidious favorable featheredged fee felicific felicitous filamentous filmy fine-drawn fine-grained finely finespun finical finicking finicky first-class first-rate firsts fit fit and fine flaky flamboyant flimsy florid floury flowerlike flowery fluffy forfeit forfeiture frail frilly full of beans furfuraceous fussy fuzzy gaseous gauzy genial girlish glorious gone to dust good good enough good-looking goodly gossamer gossamery graceful gracile gracious grand grandiose grated grateful gratifying great ground hair-splitting hairline hairsplitting handsome harmonious healthful healthy hear heart-warming heavy helpful high-grade high-wrought honeyed impalpable imposing impressive in condition in fine fettle in fine whack in good case in good health in good shape in health in high feather


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