1. (n.) A small fruit tree (Ficus Carica) with large leaves, known from the remotest antiquity. It was probably native from Syria westward to the Canary Islands.

2. (n.) The fruit of a fig tree, which is of round or oblong shape, and of various colors.

3. (n.) A small piece of tobacco.

4. (n.) The value of a fig, practically nothing; a fico; -- used in scorn or contempt.

5. (n.) To insult with a fico, or contemptuous motion. See Fico.

6. (n.) To put into the head of, as something useless o/ contemptible.

7. (n.) Figure; dress; array.

a continental a curse a damn a darn a hoot apparel array attire bagatelle bauble bean bedizenment bibelot bit brass farthing button cent clothes clothing costume curio drapery dress dressing duds farce farthing fashion fatigues feather feathers fleabite folderol fribble frippery garb garments gaud gear gewgaw gimcrack guise habiliment habit hair halfpenny hill of beans investiture investment jest joke kickshaw knickknack knickknackery linen minikin mockery molehill peppercorn picayune pin pinch of snuff pinprick rags raiment rap red cent robes row of pins rush shit snap sneeshing sou sportswear straw style threads togs toilette toy trifle trim trinket triviality tuppence two cents twopence vestment vesture wear wearing apparel whim-wham


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