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1. (n.) The condition of being festive; social joy or exhilaration of spirits at an entertainment; joyfulness; gayety.

2. (n.) A festival; a festive celebration.

Kaffeeklatsch Mardi Gras Saturnalia amusement anniversaries assemblee assembly assignation at home ball banquet blowout boisterousness brawl carnival caucus celebrating celebration celebrations ceremony cheer cocktail party coffee klatch colloquium commemoration commission committee conclave concourse congregation congress conventicle convention conviviality convocation costume party council dance date diet dinner dinner party do donation party dressing ship eisteddfod elation entertainment exultation fair fanfare fanfaronade feast felicity festival festive occasion fete field day fiesta flourish of trumpets forgathering forum frivolity fun and games gaiety gala gala affair gala day garden party gathering get-together glee good cheer great doings heartiness hen party high jinks hilarity holiday holiday-making hoopla house party house-raising housewarming jamboree jollification jollity joviality joyance joyfulness jubilance jubilation jubilee kermis larking lawn party levee mad round mafficking marking the occasion mask masque masquerade masquerade party meet meeting memorialization memory merriment merrymaking mirth observance ovation panel party picnic plenum prom quorum racketing rally raucous happiness reception regale regalement rejoicing religious rites remembrance rendezvous revel reveling revelment revelry revels rite ritual observance round of pleasures salute salvo seance session shindig shindy show of joy shower sit-in sitting skylarking smoker soiree solemn observance solemnization stag stag party surprise party symposium synod testimonial testimonial banquet testimonial dinner toast treat tribute triumph turnout waygoose wayzgoose whoopee


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