1. (n.) An individual of the sex which conceives and brings forth young, or (in a wider sense) which has an ovary and produces ova.

2. (n.) A plant which produces only that kind of reproductive organs which are capable of developing into fruit after impregnation or fertilization; a pistillate plant.

3. (a.) Belonging to the sex which conceives and gives birth to young, or (in a wider sense) which produces ova; not male.

4. (a.) Belonging to an individual of the female sex; characteristic of woman; feminine; as, female tenderness.

5. (a.) Having pistils and no stamens; pistillate; or, in cryptogamous plants, capable of receiving fertilization.

distaff female being feminine gentlewomanlike girlish gynecic gynecoid gynic her kittenish ladylike little-girlish maidenly matronal matronlike matronly muliebral petticoat she womanish womanlike womanly


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