1. (n.) A festival; a holiday; a solemn, or more commonly, a joyous, anniversary.

2. (n.) A festive or joyous meal; a grand, ceremonious, or sumptuous entertainment, of which many guests partake; a banquet characterized by tempting variety and abundance of food.

3. (n.) That which is partaken of, or shared in, with delight; something highly agreeable; entertainment.

4. (n.) To eat sumptuously; to dine or sup on rich provisions, particularly in large companies, and on public festivals.

5. (n.) To be highly gratified or delighted.

6. (v. t.) To entertain with sumptuous provisions; to treat at the table bountifully; as, he was feasted by the king.

7. (v. t.) To delight; to gratify; as, to feast the soul.

High Holiday High Holy Day Lucullan feast Mardi Gras Sabbath Saturnalia Sunday allay anniversary appease assuage bank holiday banquet bean-feast beano birthday blow blowout board bread bread and butter carnival celebration cheer church calendar church feast comestibles commemoration creature comfort cuisine daily bread day of festivities day off delight dine do do justice to eat heartily eat up eatables ecclesiastical calendar edibles entertain entertainment event fair fare fare well fast fast food feast day feed festal board festival festival day festive occasion festivity fete fete day field day fiesta fixed feast food food and drink foodstuff gala gala affair gala day gladden gormandize gratification gratify great doings groaning board health food high day high jinks holiday holy day holytide ingesta jamboree joyance jubilation jubilee junk food kermis kitchen stuff legal holiday mad round meal meat memorialization merrymaking observance occasion overindulge party picnic please pleasure polish the platter provender provision put it away quench red-letter day refreshment regale regalement repast revel revelment revelry rite ritual round of pleasures sate satiate satisfy slake solemnization spread sustenance table treat tucker viands victuals vittles waygoose wayzgoose wine and dine


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