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1. (n.) Full of favor; favoring; manifesting partiality; kind; propitious; friendly.

2. (n.) Conducive; contributing; tending to promote or facilitate; advantageous; convenient.

3. (n.) Beautiful; well-favored.

accommodating accommodative accordant acquiescent advantageous advisable advocating affirmative agreeable agreeing alacritous amenable amiable amicable approbatory appropriate approving ardent assenting auspicious backing becoming befitting beneficent beneficial benevolent benign benignant bon bonny brave braw bright bright with promise brotherly bueno capital cheering cogent commendable commendatory compliable compliant complimentary congenial congruous consentient consenting content convenient cooperative decent desirable dexter disposed docile eager elegant encouraging endorsing enthusiastic estimable excellent expedient fain fair famous favorably disposed favorably inclined favoring feasible felicitous fine fit fitten fitting fortunate forward fraternal friendlike friendly fructuous full of promise game golden good goodly grand grateful gratifying happy harmonious healthful healthy helpful helping in the mind in the mood inclined inspiring inspiriting kind kindly kindly-disposed laudable laudatory likely looking up lucky meet minded neighborlike neighborly nice noble nothing loath of good omen of happy portent of promise opportune peaceable permissive pleasant pleasing pleasurable pleasureful pliant politic positive praiseful predisposed pregnant of good pro profitable promising prompt prone proper propitious prosperous providential quick ratifying ready ready and willing reassuring receptive recommendable recommendatory regal responsive right ripe royal salutary sanctioning seasonable seemly simpatico sisterly skillful sociable sortable sound splendid submissive suitable supporting supportive sympathetic sympathique timely to be desired toward tractable ungrudging unhostile unloath unrefusing unreluctant useful valid very good virtuous welcome well-affected well-disposed well-inclined well-intentioned well-meaning well-meant well-timed white wholesome willed willing willinghearted wise worthwhile zealous


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