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1. (n.) A person with excessive enthusiasm, particularly on religious subjects; zealot\; one who indulges wild and extravagant notions of religion.

2. (a.) Pertaining to, or indicating, fanaticism; extravagant in opinions; ultra; unreasonable; excessively enthusiastic, especially on religious subjects; as, fanatic zeal; fanatic notions.

Christian God-fearing man accepter addict aficionado alien aliene ass bedlamite believer bigot bitter-ender borderline case buff bug bullethead case catechumen character chauvinist churchgoer churchite churchman collector communicant convert crackbrain crackpot crank daily communicant dement demon demoniac devotee devotionalist diehard disciple doctrinaire dogmatist donkey eager beaver eccentric energumen enthusiast extremist faddist fan fanatico fiend flake follower fou freak good Christian great one for hardnose hermit hobbyist hobo hound idiot illiberal infatuate intolerant intransigeant intransigent jingo kook last-ditcher lone wolf loner loon loony lunatic lunatic fringe madman male chauvinist maniac maverick meshuggenah monomaniac mule natural neophyte noncompos nonconformist nut odd fellow oddball oddity original outsider pariah perverse fool phrenetic pietist pig pighead positivist proselyte purist pursuer queer duck queer fish queer specimen rabid racist radical rara avis raving lunatic receiver religionist revolutional revolutionary revolutionist rhapsodist saint screwball sexist solitary standpat standpatter stickler sucker for superpatriot theist tramp truster type ultra ultraist ultranationalist visionary votary weirdo zealot


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