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acquisitiveness airy nothing alienation anesthesia autistic thinking avoidance mechanism bashfulness blame-shifting bubble careerism catatonia chill chilliness chimera cold blood cold heart coldheartedness coldness compensation coolness daydream deadpan deception decompensation defense mechanism deluded belief delusion dereism dereistic thinking dispassion dispassionateness displacement dissociability dissociation dream dream vision dreamery dreamland dreamworld dullness ego trip egotism emotional deadness emotional insulation emotionlessness escape escape into fantasy escape mechanism escapism false belief fantasizing fantasy flight flight of fancy frigidity frostiness graspingness greed heartlessness iciness ideal idealism ideality idealization ignis fatuus illusion imaginative exercise immovability impassibility impassiveness impassivity impracticality incompatibility individualism inexcitability insociability interest isolation lack of affect lack of feeling lack of touch misbelief misconception mopishness moroseness narcissism negativism objectivity obtuseness overcompensation passionlessness personal aims personal ambition personal desires personalism pipe dream play of fancy poker face possessiveness privatism projection psychotaxis quixotism quixotry rationalization remoteness resistance romance romanticism self-absorption self-admiration self-advancement self-centeredness self-consideration self-containment self-deceit self-deception self-delusion self-devotion self-esteem self-indulgence self-interest self-interestedness self-jealousy self-occupation self-pleasing self-seeking self-serving self-solicitude self-sufficiency selfishness selfism social incompatibility sociological adjustive reactions soullessness spiritlessness straight face sublimation substitution sullenness trick trip uncommunicativeness uncompanionability uncongeniality unemotionalism unexcitability unfeeling unfeelingness unfriendliness ungeniality ungregariousness unimpressibility unimpressionableness unpassionateness unpracticalness unrealism unreality unresponsiveness unsociability unsociableness unsusceptibility unsympatheticness untouchability utopianism vapor visionariness wish fulfillment wish-fulfillment fantasy wishful thinking withdrawal wrong impression


False Appearance
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