1. (p. p.) of Fall.

2. (a.) Dropped; prostrate; degraded; ruined; decreased; dead.

Adamic Circean abated ablated all up with animal animalistic apostate asleep asleep in Jesus at rest atheistic attenuated ausgespielt backsliding bankrupt bated beastlike beastly beat beaten belittled bereft of life bested bestial blasphemous blasted blighted bodily breathless broken brutal brute brutish called home carnal carnal-minded carrion coarse confounded consumed contracted croaked curtailed dead dead and gone death-struck debased deceased decreased defeated deflated defunct demised departed departed this life depressed desolated destitute of life destroyed devastated diminished discomfited dissipated done for done in down down-and-out downcast downthrown dropped earthy eroded erring exanimate fallen from grace finished fixed fleshly floored food for worms frail gone gone to glory gone to pot gone west gross harlot hors de combat hustling impious impure in ruins inanimate infirm irreligious irremediable irreverent kaput lambasted lapsed late late lamented lathered launched into eternity less lesser licked lifeless low lower lowered martyred material materialistic meretricious miniaturized no more nonspiritual not done of easy virtue on the on the skids on the town orgiastic outdone overborne overcome overmastered overmatched overpowered overridden overthrown overturned overwhelmed panicked passed on pave peccable physical postlapsarian prodigal profanatory profane prostitute prostituted prostrate pushing up daisies put to rout rare ravaged recidivist recidivistic recreant reduced released renegade reposing resting easy retrenched routed ruined ruinous sacrilegious saignant sainted scaled-down scarlet scattered settled shorn shorter shrunk shrunken silenced skinned skinned alive sleeping smaller smitten with death sodden spoiled stampeded still stillborn streetwalking submerged sunk sunken swinish taken away taken off trimmed trounced unangelic unchaste unclean undercooked underdone undone undutiful ungodly ungood unrighteous unsaintly unspiritual unvirtuous upset virtueless wanton wasted watered-down wayward weak weakened whelmed whipped whorish with the Lord with the saints without life without vital functions worn worsted wrecked


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