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(a.) Illogical; fitted to deceive; misleading; delusive; as, fallacious arguments or reasoning\.

Albigensian Arian Barmecidal Barmecide Catharist Donatist Ebionitist Erastian Gnostic Jansenist Jansenistic Jovinianist Jovinianistic Lollard Manichaean Monophysite Monophysitic Montanist Montanistic Pelagian Sabellian Waldensian Wyclifite aberrant abroad absonant adrift airy all abroad all off all wrong amiss antinomian apocryphal apparent apparently sound apparitional askew astray at fault autistic awry beguiling beside the mark casuistic catchy chimeric colorable contradictory contrary to fact contrary to reason corrupt deceiving deceptive defective deluding delusional delusionary delusive delusory dereistic deviant deviational deviative disingenuous distorted dreamlike dreamy dubious emanationist empty errant erring erroneous FALSE fantastic faultful faulty fishy flawed hallucinatory heretical heterodox hollow hylotheist hylotheistic illogical illusional illusionary illusive illusory imaginary in error inauthentic inconclusive incongruous inconsequent inconsequential inconsistent insincere invalid irrational jesuitic loose mad misleading nonorthodox nonrational nonscientific not following not right not true off off the track ostensible out overrefined oversubtle pantheist pantheistic paralogical peccant perverse perverted phantasmagoric phantasmal phantom philosophistic plausible questionable reasonless seeming self-annulling self-contradictory self-deceptive self-deluding self-refuting senseless sophistic sophistical specious spectral straying supposititious trickish tricksy tricky truthless unaccepted unactual unapproved unauthentic unauthoritative uncanonical unconnected unfactual unfounded unorthodox unphilosophical unproved unreal unreasonable unscientific unscriptural unsound unsubstantial untrue visionary wide without reason wrong


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