1. (n.) A doing, making, or preparing.

2. (n.) An effect produced or achieved; anything done or that comes to pass; an act; an event; a circumstance.

3. (n.) Reality; actuality; truth; as, he, in fact, excelled all the rest; the fact is, he was beaten.

4. (n.) The assertion or statement of a thing done or existing; sometimes, even when false, improperly put, by a transfer of meaning, for the thing done, or supposed to be done; a thing supposed or asserted to be done; as, history abounds with false facts.

absolute fact accepted fact accomplishment act actual fact actuality actually admitted fact adventure article aspect authenticity axiom bald fact bare fact basis for belief body of evidence brutal fact case certainty chain of evidence circumstance clue cold fact conceded fact count data datum deed demonstrable fact detail details documentation element empirical fact episode established fact eternal verities event evidence exhibit experience facet fact of experience factor factors facts factually fait accompli genuineness given fact good sooth grounds grounds for belief hap happening happenstance hard fact historical truth historicity in fact in reality in truth incident incidental indeed indication indisputable fact inescapable fact information instance item item of evidence items low-down manifestation mark material grounds matter matter of fact minor detail minutia minutiae muniments mute witness naked fact not guesswork not opinion observable occasion occurrence particular particulars phenomenon piece of evidence plain point points positive fact postulate premises proof provable fact reality really reason to believe regard relevant fact respect salient fact self-evident fact sign significant fact simple fact sober fact sooth stubborn fact symptom the case the nitty-gritty the score the true thing to be sure token trueness truly truth truthfully truthfulness turn of events ultimate truth undeniable fact unerroneousness unfallaciousness unfalseness veracity verity very truth well-known fact


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