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1. (a.) At the utmost point, edge, or border; outermost; utmost; farthest; most remote; at the widest limit.

2. (a.) Last; final; conclusive; -- said of time; as, the extreme hour of life.

3. (n.) The best of worst; most urgent; greatest; highest; immoderate; excessive; most violent; as, an extreme case; extreme folly.

4. (a.) Radical; ultra; as, extreme opinions.

5. (a.) Extended or contracted as much as possible; -- said of intervals; as, an extreme sharp second; an extreme flat forth.

6. (n.) The utmost point or verge; that part which terminates a body; extremity.

7. (n.) Utmost limit or degree that is supposable or tolerable; hence, furthest degree; any undue departure from the mean; -- often in the plural: things at an extreme distance from each other, the most widely different states, etc.; as, extremes of heat and cold, of virtue and vice; extremes meet.

8. (n.) An extreme state or condition; hence, calamity, danger, distress, etc.

9. (n.) Either of the extreme terms of a syllogism, the middle term being interposed between them.

10. (n.) The first or the last term of a proportion or series.

Draconian Thule Ultima Thule a bit much abandon abandoned abnormal acme acute aggrandized aggrandizement all amplification amplified anarchistic anarcho-syndicalist apex apogee at the height ballyhoo ballyhooed bibulous big talk bigoted bitter end bizarre blowing up bordering borderline bottom dollar boundary bounding boundless boundlessness bounds breakaway burlesque butt butt end caricature caudal ceiling climax coastal conclusive conservative constrictive consummation crapulent crapulous crest crown culmination cutting deep definitive depth desperate determinant determinative determining different dilatation dilation disproportionate distant dizzy drastic eccentric egregious egregiousness end endmost enhancement enlargement enormous enormousness eventual exaggerated exaggerating exaggeration exceedingly exceptional exceptionally excess excessive excessiveness excruciating exorbitance exorbitancy exorbitant exotic expansion exquisite extraordinarily extraordinary extravagance extravagancy extravagant extremely extremes extremism extremist extremistic extremity fabulous fabulousness factious fag end fanatic fancy far out far-off farthermost farthest farthest bound farthest off fierce final fringing frontier furious furthermost furthest giantism gigantic gigantism gluttonous gluttony go to extremes grandiloquence grandiloquent great greatest haggard harsh height heightening hidebound high high-flown highest degree huckstering hyperbole hyperbolic hyperbolism hypertrophied hypertrophy immoderacy immoderate immoderateness immoderation in the extreme incontinence incontinent indulgent inflated inflation inordinacy inordinance inordinate inordinateness insurgent insurrectionary intemperance intemperate intemperateness intense intolerable irrational jumping-off place keen kooky last limbic liminal limit limiting limits littoral magnification magnified marginal maximum mildly radical monstrous monstrousness most most distant moving mutineering mutinous nadir ne plus ultra nib nihilistic nimiety notable noteworthy nth degree offbeat out of bounds out of sight outermost outmost outrageous outrageousness outre outstanding overbig overdeveloped overdevelopment overdone overdrawn overemphasis overemphasized overemphatic overenthusiastic overestimated overestimation overgreat overgreatness overgrown overgrowth overindulgence overindulgent overindulging overkill overlarge overlargeness overmuch overmuchness overpraised overreligious oversold overstated overstatement overstressed overweening overwrought overzealous peak perfervid piercing pink pinnacle poignant point polar pole prodigal prodigality profuse profuseness


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